Settlement Agreement Calculator

You’ve found this post because you’re interested in calculating what your settlement agreement should be, the problem is, no online calculator can accurately provide that information.

All they do is provide you with a rough estimate of your worth by operating on some very simple assumptions, and in fact when I’ve tested some of these settlement agreement calculators they tend to be vastly incorrect. I think you’re worth more than a guestimate.

I take the time to understand clients as an individual, their contract, conduct at work and any claim that they believe that they may have against their employer (to name just a few), then look at that against what they have been offered; then together we can decide whether the settlement agreement is fair or we need to negotiate an improved offer.

So if you have a settlement agreement, you really need to speak to a solicitor to get an accurate idea of what offer should be in your agreement.

Get in touch with me today for a free, no obligation chat.


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