Settlement Agreement Solicitors

It’s both interesting and true that not all Employment Solicitors make good Settlement Agreement Solicitors; sure, an employment solicitor will know and understand the technical aspects of settlement agreements and how to produce them, but as an employee you need something different, you need someone different.

You need a solicitor with some additional skills to ensure that you get the most from your agreement.

  • They obviously need to be a great listener, they need to fully understand your particular circumstances.
  • They need to be a great communicator, settlement agreements are usually conducted over the phone, and you need to be able to understand the advice.
  • They need to be able to see through the emotion and provide you with clear, high quality, friendly advice.
  • They need to have the balls to (where necessary) go up against your employer to get you a better deal.
  • They need to be litigation experts to negotiate with your employer on your behalf.

I am that solicitor, you will get the very best advice, and I am very happy to ensure that your employer gives you the very best deal that they can. Get in touch with a free, no obligation chat today.


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