What does “without prejudice & subject to contract” mean?

October 14, 2021

You will often see this heading written on the top of settlement agreements or correspondence relating to negotiations or an offer of a settlement.

a) Without Prejudice

Generally, statements made in an attempt to settle a dispute are “without prejudice”, which means that they cannot be put before a court or tribunal as evidence against either party. 

In essence, it means that the communication is being made “off the record”, allowing the parties to negotiate behind a veil of confidentiality. 

The idea behind this is to allow free discussion to settle a claim without fear that any admissions or concessions made in that discussion could later be used against the parties in court if negotiations break down and a settlement is not concluded. 

The parties need to remember that just marking communications “without prejudice” does not automatically give a communication that protection.

There needs to be a dispute in existence, and the communication must be a genuine attempt to settle that dispute. 

b) Subject to Contract

The wording “subject to contract” means that the parties wish to remain uncommitted until a formal agreement has been finalised and all terms are known and signed off. 

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