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Settlement agreement calculators are really useful in helping individuals or organisations to determine the amount of money they may be entitled to receive as part of a settlement agreement.

These online calculators typically takes into account a variety of factors, such as the nature of the dispute, the extent of damages suffered by the party, and any applicable legal fees or expenses.

By entering specific information into the Settlement Agreement Calculator, such as the amount of money that was lost or the extent of physical or emotional harm suffered, the calculator can provide an estimate of the amount of money that may be awarded as part of a settlement.

It's important to note that Settlement Agreement Calculators are not foolproof, and the actual amount of money awarded as part of a settlement may be different than what the calculator predicts. Additionally, settlement agreements may involve other terms and conditions beyond just financial compensation.

For this reason we always suggest that instead of relying solely on a calculator, you speak to a professional employment solicitor who would be able to help understand your own personal situation. We're always available to assist you if you are going through a settlement agreement with an employer.
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